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January 1, 2016
A. from Italy

December 23, 2015
K from UK

July 31, 2014
Dear Dwyn,

I read your website with interest and would like to be typed by you. I attached my photos...

Concerning different angles, I hope I included enough different ones. The photos were taken by other people than me, except the ones where it is visible that I am holding the camera. My height is 162 cm (5'4").

Please let me know if you need any other photos.


Your photos are very well done, just right for what I need. Also your payment arrived, thanks.

I do need at least one casual photo of your face from years past :) - can be any age. And one of you wearing something extra special if you have pics - can be a pic of you with other people.


You seem to be an Expressive beauty type. See attached PDF.

Thanks for the extra pics, great facial expressions. :) You may have noticed that most of the actors on TV are various combinations of Dramatic + Gamin, the speed with which they react with accurate expressions is a D trait - also they are not intimidated being center stage. Their analytical G side lets them see many possible scenarios, etc. This also applies to real life. The flip side to other D+G traits might be negotiator or diplomat.

Young looking Gamin types (and most Expressive types) do require a more sophisticated makeup like the makeup in your photo to actually look grown up. It could probably be reduced to a more simple makeup for daily more casual wear (not "minimal" which usually means lip gloss and mascera). Your daily makeup would always mean slightly darker (and more colorful) lips plus eye shadow on lids as well as a little less mascera. Wear "minimal" makeup only if you intend to look young and innocent and by implication, helpless. :)

June 10, 2014

Thanks for your order. The pictures seem adequate so far. Glad you included your address; I always like to know where you're from. Need to know how tall you are.

I am 5'3" or 162 CM :) Is there any other info you might need, Dwyn? I can try for better photos?

Two or three photos of you between the ages of 8 and 18, especially any that show your ear and jawline.

Here are three that might help.

My black sense of humour finds it funny that "young" photos are required : before the sags and bags of middle age and overweight blur one's lines! My mother used to say "Oh, the ravages of time!" At least a cheery smile and a nice lipstick perks one up a bit! :)

Right on! Someone once said "Even an old barn looks better painted." At 75 I tell myself it's only temporary, that in the next life I'll have all my teeth and be able to sing and have red hair and be young and beautiful forever.

Your beauty type seems to be Expressive. Here is your PDF download. See attachment below.

It was nice meeting you!

Dear Dwyn,

So, so happy with your analysis! Surprised at the inclusion of the dramatic/angular component. Worth every cent (was remarkable value for money)

I shall be singing your praises on our Facebook Kibbe/style analysis group!

Love from the "soon to be better painted" barn,

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