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Elements of Style for Each Type
(Included in your ID Analysis)
or we'll send your 3-4 fashion guides if you know your type - $16 below

Your best necklines, collars, sleeves, skirts, etc. will always be the same. Designers select a few each season and add something new like fishtail skirts, skinny jeans or shrunken jackets, usually something only a few of us actually look good in. It's essential to know your best lengths, your best prints, etc. so you're not always wearing someone else's styles.

Jackets, Sets for the Natural Types

We've searched out current styles that illustrate the basics of your look; about 20 color pages of tops, pants, skirts, jackets, separates, suits, jacket dresses, casual dresses, dressy outfits and evening apparel, for your type.

Skirts for the Romantic Types

We've also made color pages for coats, swimwear, shoes, boots, bags, belts, hats and jewelry for the types. Plus black and white pages of the best lengths for your beauty type, general guidelines and a list of details you'll want to have handy.

Swimwear for the Gamin Types

There's no way we can guess ahead of time what questions you'll have reguarding these examples so please ask us in an email. Even if the items aren't numbered just say "the second dress on page 13" for instance. We'll answer your questions "blog" style so everyone benefits.

Jewelry for the Dramatic Types










Expressive I
short to medium


Expressive II
tall to medium







Your Fashion Guides "Elements of Style" $16
includes all guides that relate to your type

the Guide for your type
Expressives have 2 guides (short & tall)

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Not an intant download, email us your beauty type first!

If there is a download problem from my emails, please email us - gliches happen. Phone is 928-632-4408 but messages aren't always clear.

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