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We'll Identify Your Beauty Type - Here's How
(usually within a week to 10 days)
Price for now - $30

makeup details

a very lovely
Sophisticate Beauty Type
(Dramatic Classic)

there's more

To ID your type we'll need photos similar to the first 5 here. And tell us your height.

Also send three or four casual photos from the last few years with makeup, nice clothes, etc. if possible. And pictures of yourself as a child are good to see your original eyebrows and mouth shape. All these help us because the camera angles and lighting will usually be varied.

front view in form-fitting clothes   details

side view in form-fitting clothes   details

face, no smile, no makeup, hair pulled back details

profile, no smile, no makeup, hair pulled back    details

When you take the front and side photos try to hold the camera away from yourself about waist high and parallel to the mirror. It's better to have someone else take the first 5 pictures, the front face and profile head pictures from about 5' away. Otherwise your nose tends to look larger with your face more narrow and in full length your legs look shorter. However, we know it may not be possible to have the best pictures, so just do the best you can.




We do an 4-7 page ID Analysis (may take more pages to ID the 4 Classics).

cover page           face page

                            figure page           comments on 4 styles you send

  your basic & secondary physical traits

To send photos for analysis go to your email and enter our address in your address book,
then send an email with your photos as attachments to

Your Beauty Type ID Analysis $30
- includes your 3-4 fashion guides $16.00 value

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Train to become a 20 Types Analyst!!
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Your photos are never used on this site unless you specifically give us permission. We very much appreciate those who did - to help us get started!

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