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Shopping with Dwyn
I'll be glad to comment on your clothes
or find some particular items for you online.

But only after I've analyzed your type. Just seeing pictures of you in different styles is not enough because, contrary to the old saying, pictures do lie. Depending on the camera angle, your head could seem larger or your legs shorter than they actually are. And that would affect how the clothes look on you.

So you have the four choices of how to be analyzed mentioned on this other page.
(If you get it right about your type, #3, I don't charge you for that, only for the fashion guides you want). So then I have your pictures on file as a reference when I comment on your photos:

#1 - of you wearing clothes you already have.

#2 - Or you trying on clothes in the stores.

#3 - Or pictures you've clipped from the internet.

#4 - Or you want me to find a Raspberry bridesmaid dress. Or a jacket for a dress you already have, etc.

Your photos with comments will be sent to you as a PDF file in an email.

#1 You own it now.    #2 You, in the store.
  #3 You find it online.    #4 I find it online.

1. You already own it.

  Up to 4 outfits or items will be commented on
in your beauty type analysis.

  Send other photos - wearing your outfits for comments or show them on a hanger - as many as you like at $2.50 each.

  4 outfits or items

2. You, in the store.

  Take a friend along to click pictures as you try things on. They should aim at your middle from 6-10 ft away, camera straight, not leaning.

  Or show items on a hanger - as many as you like at $2.50 ea.

  4 store outfits or items

3. Styles you've clipped.

As many as you like at $2.50 ea.

  4 clipped outfits or items

4. I find it online.

  You want me to find a Raspberry bridesmaid dress. Or a jacket for a  dress you already have.

  I'll find 2-4 items each request that are good or great for your type

  $20.00 finder's fee
each request.

  This button is
 for 1 request.

If there is a download problem from my emails, please email us - gliches happen. Phone is 928-632-4408 but messages aren't always clear.

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