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You're good-looking and gifted in your own special way!    

The Power of Your Softer Side
the little blue handbook

Here are a few pages from the book:


The problem:
he is immature and you are impatient.

He comes to you - not really immature - but unfinished. Having you as his sweetheart will finish him off, one way or the other. This is part of the grand plan. Because, guess what, you aren't completely shaped yet either; and he will be the making of you!

However, because your softer side is something extra you're born with, you can take the first step in ways he can't. It's not only fair, it's a sacred privilege to empower your guy this way.


Looking at the chart below you can see the women's spectrum of types is a full circle while the men's has a large gap. The women's P, A and T types all have some G traits. That's what gives us our feminine characteristics, both in body shape and personality.

From this perspective the story of Adam and Eve explains a lot, ever since Adam lost his rib it is only with Eve that he feels complete.

The warmth and beauty of our G side draws men to us and we are attracted to them because Eve's need is to be needed. We gain our sense of power through the ways we influence men, while they feel masculine in contrast to us.

Many men are charmed with capital G types because they are not competitive. When they say 'she's all woman' they mean she has no hidden agenda such as outthinking, outworking or outracing them. She finds much to admire in them because they are so different from herself.

The G has all day energy without the drive of an Ag; she thinks intuitively instead of analytically as the Pg does; her sure, calm ways are a decided contrast to the tendency of the Tg to throw caution to the winds. She is mentally geared to how each of her people progresses as compared to themselves and encourages them to do their best.

If we want romantic love, the rest of us have to expand this g side of ourselves a little more. Men won't adore us for our A or T or P side except as it blends or contrasts with our g side. And if we want whole men, we must empower them by understanding them and admiring them and being feminine in our own way. Neither our husbands nor our children can develop without a lot of G type attention. We need it too, from our sisters, mothers and girlfriends.

Yes, that's all very well and good but how do we reconcile-integrate being both feminine and very competent in our other areas of expertise? This is the book that tells you how to put first things first.

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