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              Guys Have 3 Basic Types
            Features, Figures, Weight Gain

Gamin - Guys and Girls
delicately angular good-looks

   large head
high forehead
winged brows
large eyes
"child's eyes"
small nose
small mouth
pointed chin

designed for thinking
[dominant Pituitary]


look younger

him - narrow shoulders
small chest, narrow hips

her - little girl figure
slight waist, narrow hips
slightly padded rear

small muscles
delicate hands and feet

extra weight - all over, hands, feet, chin, plus upper tummy

Romantic - Girls only
delicately rounded good-looks

small head
curved brows
sm. round eyes
"doll's eyes
small nose
small mouth
wide jaw
small chin

designed for nurturing
[dominant Gonads]

height about 5' 5"

slanted shoulders

small chest
small rounded bustline
very defined waist
medium hips
very padded rear

large leg muscles

small hands and feet

extra weight - hips, thighs, rear

Natural - Guys and Girls
strongly rounded good-looks

   wide face
arched eyebrows
wide-set eyes
"wise" eyes
wide nose
full lips
wide jaw
wide chin

designed for endurance
[dominant Adrenals]

average height

wide shoulders

large chest

her: large rounded bustline
slight waist
medium hips, flat rear

him: padded rear

large leg muscles

wide hands and feet

extra weight - him: pot belly
her: bust, back, lower tummy

Dramatic - Guys and Girls
strongly angular good-looks

   long face
straight brows
narrow eyes
long nose
wide mouth
narrow lips
long chin

designed for speed
[dominant Thyroid]


wide shoulders
medium chest

her: medium bustline
defined waist
medium hips, padded rear

him: flat rear

longer legs
long hands and feet, tapered fingers

extra weight - her: waist, hips, rear, thighs
him: roll around waist

  - Basic Types - Weight Gain

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