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About Dwyn

My name is pronounced Gwen with a 'D.' A Buoyant type with a logical brain style, I'm dedicated to helping girls and women of all ages accept their natural beauty and inner gifts. Oh yes, I'm also a psychology buff, author and award-winning portrait artist.

Style has fascinated me ever since my aunt gave me a fashion doll with removable arms when I was a young girl. You guessed it, the doll was tall and very slender with long legs. Nothing like me. Oh, well.

At age twelve I began making my own school clothes on Grandma's treadle machine. My prom dress in high school (lower left) is my design. The next year I made a felt circle skirt (snowflakes with sequins) with a black V-neck top which my college roommate borrowed to wear as prom queen at BYU. Upper left is a lace formal for a Lambda Delta Sigma dance. At lower right, my wedding dress has a bodice pleated to a huge rose at the waist. Then I sewed for my children until the girls learned how.

My favorite from back then is still the "squaw dress" at the right, (very popular in Arizona in the 50s) in the most luscious pink material with silver rick-rack, hand-painted roses and a broomstick skirt (worn over petticoats then) which garnered a second place ribbon at the county fair.

Then in 1988 David Kibbe's Metamorphosis stirred my imagination with the idea of body-personality types and apparel that enhanced each one. The only trouble was, I couldn't find myself on his list. Dr. Abravanel's books gave me more clues. I studied people for a couple of years in sidelong glances (trying not to stare), then one day the whole spectrum came clear in one "eureka" moment. From then on I worked on the handbook and then on this website, wanting to show women, especially the young despairing ones, how lovely and
talented they actually are.

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