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Comparing Kibbe's Types with Dwyn's Types
Page updated 11-20-15

When I bought Kibbe's book in 1988 I searched it exhaustively for my type. I really wanted to be a Flamboyant but couldn't fit myself into that description or any other. So I started studying people at random; on the bus, on the street, at church. And reading books on the subject, trying to see the whole spectrum of types so I could find mine. Footnotes and books

Actually I would never have Kwibbled with him if only he'd had the combination of Gamin and Natural, my beauty type. Like all of you I love the way he describes the metamorphosis of each person in his book and their styles, makeup, hair, etc. But lacking his way with words I opted for simplifying his recommendations and adding mine where I saw more types.

I've been too technical in a couple of ways. First, in using the initials of the dominant glands to describe the types, so we'd understand the personality of each one better. But we're talking fashion not personality, so instead of saying Natural A Type (for adrenals) it will be easier to say N for Natural and G for Gamin - as those speaking Kibbese have always done.

Second, in addition to the sub-categories in my combination types (Buoyant Gamin/Buoyant Natural) we'll have the blended Bouyant. So any Bouyant can choose which side to emphasize, dress a little more Gamin or a little more Natural, or just be middle of the road.

As for Kibbe's Flamboyant Gamin, we need to define the extremes of the Dramatic and Gamin traits (very short-very tall) also (balanced womanly figure - little-girl figure) also (slightly older looking face - slightly younger looking face). Kibbe's Flamboyant Gamin definition and styles only fit 3 or 4 of the 40+ variations in combining Dramatic and Gamin traits.

All the other Expressives can look a little like his Dramatic Classic and Soft Dramatic and even his soft Natural but not really if we carefully define and use pictures of all the traits of the four basic types, and then from that the carefully defined traits of the Dramatic and the Gamin.
See some possible combinations

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As for personalities, Taylor Hartman uses four colors to describe the four basic types: white, red, blue and yellow. The chart above shows how the personality colors match up with the four basic beauty types. I highly recommend his "Color Code." Here's the link.

Now for the guys: the Romantic body type is all girl so we leave that out. The wiring of the Romantic type brain however, is the same as one of the four possibilities of the Dramatic/Gamin combination (Expressive type).    More about "G is for Girl"

See chart below. The Gamin brain is slow left/slow right (analytical) - while the Dramatic is fast left/fast right (imaginative). So Expressive G+D types can have a brain style like the Gamin: S/S or like the Dramatic: F/F - or F/S like the Natural or S/F like the Romantic. Therefore we have a few blue personality guys who are more caring and less practical. Or they avoid closeness because they are so emotionally sensitive. (Note the tiny band of blue in the guys' Expressive circle below.) This page has more about what you see out your window(s) on life.

I haven't listed any names of celebrities for the girl's types because hair, makeup, fashions (and cosmetic surgery) can totally obscure their real traits. On the guys' types - search for 'name name young photos'. Tipping the head down with only front lighting can make a person look like a different type, so look at several pictures of their younger days. Where they looked straight on at the camera without smiling is usually nearest the truth.

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Features of the basic faces.

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