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"G" is for Girl      

We usually think of this side of ourselves in relation to guys. Looking at the chart below, you can see that the girls' spectrum of types is a full circle while the guys' has a large gap. From this perspective the story of Adam and Eve explains a lot -- ever since Adam lost his rib it is only with Eve that he is complete. The warmth and beauty of our G side draws guys to us and makes them feel masculine in contrast. And we are attracted to them because Eve's need is to be needed.

If we want romantic love we have to develop this sweet side of ourselves. Guys won't adore us for our A or T or P side except as it contrasts with our G traits. And if we want whole men, we must empower them by understanding them and admiring them and being feminine in our own way. We nurture our guy in a different way than we do a child. However, neither our husbands nor our children can develop without a lot of G type attention. We need it too, from our mothers, sisters and girlfriends.

It is only natural that guys and girls look for different things in each other. He chooses the type of girl he thinks suits him. He wants her to be the center of his life while he concentrates on his work. If she wants financial security she picks a guy with 'A' type drive, or an exciting T type if she wants the security of never being bored. And if she's a fiery type she might choose a quiet P who won't panic when the fireworks start. But at the same time she's more likely to check out whether he's honest, trustworthy, brave, etc. Because of her G nesting instinct she wants someone who will be there while she raises her young.

Many guys are attracted to the G type because she is not competitive. When a guy says "she's all woman" he means she has no hidden agenda such as out-racing, out-working or out-thinking him. The G is flexible and accepting and finds much to admire in him because he is so different from herself. She has all-day emotional energy without the drive that marks an Ag; she thinks intuitively instead of analytically as the Pgs do; her sure, calm ways are a decided contrast to the tendency of Tgs to throw caution to the winds. She is mentally geared to how each of her people progresses as compared to themselves and encourages them to do their best. This girl with the sweet face and bottom-heavy figure makes a good anchor for her guy as well as for humankind as a whole.

Guys say girls are too changeable, can't make up their minds. That's because most of us have two minds to make up: our logical P side or our intuitive G side; our practical A side or our emotional G side; our carefree T side or our careful G side. Of course G types don't have this problem.

Traditionally, woman has been defined as different from and opposite to man. Now the modern feminist has emphasized how she is like a man in P, A and T ways. At the same time this movement has rejected many important G type talents all women have. We can be true to both sides of ourselves, it's all a matter of timing and attitude.

The viewpoint of this site is that of equity feminists; we want equal rights but we don't want to be like men. The gender war is of no interest to us because we enjoy "being a girl" even while developing our talents. Although we like men generally, we trust our ability to recognize and deal with the outrageous few by working together to correct bad situations. We also trust the power of our softer side to influence the guy we've chosen to love.1

As for personalities, Taylor Hartman uses four colors to describe the four basic types: white, red, blue and yellow. The chart above shows how the personality colors match up with the four basic beauty types. I highly recommend his "Color Code." Here's the link.

"G is for Girl" has been adapted from Dwyn Larson, The Power of Your Softer Side, Tosoar Publications, 2000. Used by permission.
1. Christina Hoff Sommers, Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women, New York, Simon and Schuster, 1994.

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