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Style Guidelines for Flamboyant Types
Natural + Dramatic

Your look is not polished like your T side nor practical like your A side - you're more of a free spirit. Loose layers are great on you, also uneven or diagonal hems but not too exaggerated.

You don't wear suits as such but separates (best with no lapels or outside pockets). Suit jacket hems are wrist length or longer, and worn open over a shell or cami of low contrast color or texture. Buttons are usually same color and medium to large in size.

Most skirt lengths are like the T type. Longer skirts can be any length. Your skirts need some ease, just a few gathers or one or two pleats at the waist. Tops are usually worn over the skirt, can be either shorter A type length or a T type tunic depending on the skirt style.

All items should be loose fitting so you have room to move inside them; choose the "almost too big" instead of the "almost too small" size.

Summer pants might be loosely woven stripes (medium to large) or prints in challis. Prints combining swirls and angles are perfect for you (medium contrast of elements in the print itself).

Make a statement with large size jewelry (natural materials are perfect), earrings plus necklace or bracelet.

See Guidelines for Natural and Dramatic below.

Natural Type Guidelines

Your style is understated in contrast to your assertive personality.

Think simple easy lines, unstructured jackets with contrasting shell or top, no-button jackets, straight dresses, jungle/nature prints, medium size prints, contrast of prints & solids, button-front tops, no lapels/cuffs. Minimal details for your practical look.

The waist is suggested not emphasized, straight-leg & wide-leg pants, straight and A-line skirts, short skirt just covers knee, slightly flared skirts (not tulip) are a little longer, long skirt covers ankle bones.

Accessories: rounded edges, simple design. Jewelry: med. to large, metal, natural materials. Simple, low-contrast bags, belts and shoes with rounded edges.

Hem Lengths:

Dramatic Type Guidelines

Your look is sleek and elegant in contrast to your fun-loving personality.

Think long lines and long shapes with minimum details, flared or straight skirts, no lapels, look for cuffs to turn down for your long arms/legs, same color top/bottom, loosely elegant fit, thigh length jacket, suit skirt at lower calf.

Angular prints, med. to large. Low contrast prints. Tops are low contrast with bottoms & suits. Necklines: V-necks, halters, square, turtlenecks. Sleeves: long, 3/4, dolman; short sleeves just above elbow. Tunics, dusters, tailored pants, heavily beaded dresses. Slightly loose fit.

Accessories: angular edges. Jewelry: medium to large, angular designs. Bags, shoes, belts are also medium to large and low contrast with outfit.

Hem Lengths:

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