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Style Guidelines for Romantic Types

Your style is as totally feminine as your personality. However, both should be suggested, not overdone.

Think soft with sweet details: ruffles, lace, ribbon. Puffed sleeves belong to you as do round or sweetheart necklines, portrait and stand collars. The bodice of your dress would be fitted but not tight with a gathered skirt. The high empire waist is yours with some fullness in skirt.

Blouse and skirt/pants are same or close in color; suit jackets-tops-bottoms are always the same color. Suit sleeve with pleats or gathers at top is your version of wide shoulders. Suit jackets are short and fitted
(not too tight).

Print or lace tops are low contrast in pretty colors, flowered prints are yours.

G accessories: rounded, small to medium. Jewelry: ornate and flower designs. Bags, shoes, belts are related to the outfit.

Hem Lengths:

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