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Dramatic Type Girls and Guys
strongly angular good-looks


Life's Work:
- to be dreamer, motivator, etc.
    you see wonderful results of a goal
- your window on life: play

Your Brainstyle:
- imaginative, seen as brilliant because
    fast left/fast right brainstyle sees
    implications and applications immediately
- Dramatic + Gamin combination is often ADHD/ADD ['hunter' brainstyle]*

Your Gifts/Talents:
- short bursts of physical, emotional
    & mental energy, built for speed
- good at persuading others to help with
    your projects
- visionary, you see possibilities

a building - the promoter, fund raiser
a play - center stage
a party - genial host, hostess

Girl's Romantic Side:
- you love surprises
- changeable moods as energy changes
- affectionate

- you're outgoing, charming
- witty, a good talker
- you find feelings easy to express
- express love verbally
- find it easy to love but hard to commit
- you're forgiving and avoid confrontation

- elitist: see life in terms of me, my and mine
- rebel against rules (go too fast to see
    consequences before acting)

- see right/wrong in terms of appropriate
    dress and manners

- oriented toward people and results
    (not things and process)

- need fun to renew self, then can
    tolerate work

Down Side:
- you're depressed when others don't share
    your vision
- need others in order to reach goals
- lack follow through (tire quickly - need
    frequent rest and refueling)
- may become a pleasure seeker (need
    rewards, applause)

For balance, Dramatics need to develop:
- consideration for others' feelings,
    emotionally walk in others' shoes
- commitment to people and projects
- tact and patience
- respect for necessary rules

 * Thom Hartmann, (Hunter in a Farmer's World) Attention Deficit Disorder,
A Different Perception,
Underwood Books, California, 1993

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