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Flamboyant - a combination of Natural + Dramatic types
double strong beauty

Natural type inner gifts
builder, leader

  - sustained physical energy
      (dominant adrenals)
  - built for endurance

  - sees out window of work
  - life is projects to be completed

  - realist, logical
  - orientation: things/results
  - brain style: fast left, slow right

  - focused, determined
  - loyal to friends and family
  - finds it hard to love
       but is very committed
  - expresses love by
       doing things for others

  - needs work to renew self,
       then can tolerate leisure

  Down Side:
 *easily irritated, arrogant, bossy
 *hard to express soft feelings
 *forgets others have feelings
 *may become a workaholic

  Natural types need to develop:
   *tact and patience
   *consideration for others'
   *listening skills
   *respect for necessary rules

  Romantic Side:
   *fresh, natural appearance
   *loves to anticipate events
   *provides abundance for
       family & guests

  - extended Natural list

Natural type looks
   strong rounded beauty

arched eyebrows
wide-set wise eyes
wide nose
full lips
wide jaw

 -average height

 -wide face

 -wide shoulders
 -large chest
 -large rounded bust
 -slight waist
 -medium hips
 -flat rear

 -large muscles

 -wide hands and feet

extra weight - back, bust,
plus lower tummy

Dramatic type looks
   strongly angular beauty

straight eyebrows
long mysterious eyes
long nose
wide mouth
long chin


 -long face

 -wide shoulders
 -medium chest
 -medium bust
 -defined waist
 -medium hips (may
 look wider because
 slightly flattened)
 -padded rear
 -short torso with long legs

 -large muscles
 -long tapered fingers

extra weight - waist, hips, thighs
bust larger with age

Dramatic type inner gifts
dreamer, motivator

  - short bursts of physical,
     emotional & mental energy
      (dominant thyroid)
  - meant for speed

  - sees out window of play
  - life is a party to be enjoyed

  - elitist, visionary
  - orientation: people/results
  - brain style: fast left, fast right

  - tolerant, easy to be with
  - witty, entertaining
  - finds it easy to love
      but hard to be committed
  - expresses love verbally

  - needs fun to renew self,
      then can tolerate work

  Down Side:
  *easily depressed
  *needs frequent rest/food
  *lacks follow through
  *may become a pleasure seeker
  *goes too fast to see        consequences

  For balance, Dramatics need more:
 *sensitivity to others' feelings
 *commitment to people/projects
 *tact and patience
 *respect for rules

  Romantic Side:
  *loves surprises, affectionate
  *changeable moods as energy changes

  - extended Dramatic list

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