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Gamin Type Girls and Guys
delicately angular good-looks


Life's Work:
- to be the scholar, planner, etc.
    because you see the details of a goal
- your window on life: facts

- analytical, slow left/slow right
- you see details related to each other
- pessimist - details seen as obstacles

- G+D type is often ADHD/ADD ['hunter'

Your Gifts/Talents:
- sustained mental energy from your dominant
    pituitary gland
- able to see facts clearly
- good at solving puzzles of all kinds by
    gathering and analyzing facts

- a building - the architect
- a play - backstage, lighting, scenery
- a party - plan theme, food, music

Girl's Romantic Side:
- childlike mannerisms
- appears to need protection
- peaceful to be with
- you're tactful, easy to be with
- undemanding, companionable,
- relaxed and patient
- you find it easy to love and commit to
- express love by sharing your interests
- forgiving but remember the incident, then
    get even in subtle ways

- peacemaker - you obey the rules, help
    others do so
- need peace/quiet to do your work
- steadfast - get all facts before acting

- you see right/wrong in terms of facts
- you're oriented toward things and process
    (not people or results)

- you need to be alone to renew yourself, then
    can tolerate people

Down Side:
- you find feelings hard to express
- easily led (you want to be included)
- lack words to explain/defend self
- shy - slow/slow brain style needs more time
    to process a new situation
- may withdraw from life to work alone in
    peace and quiet of "ivory tower"

For balance, Gamins need to:
- express feelings accurately (merely irritated
    or furious? find a list)
- tolerate physical work
- work with others more often
- suggest group activities sometimes

 * Thom Hartmann, (Hunter in a Farmer's World) Attention Deficit Disorder,
A Different Perception,
Underwood Books, California, 1993

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