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Natural Type Girls and Guys
strongly rounded good-looks


Life's Work:
- to be the leader, builder, etc.
because you see the path to a goal
- your window on life: work

- logical, fast left/slow right
- you see sequence of tasks needed to reach
    the goal
- realist - you see beginning to end

Your Gifts/Talents:
- you have sustained physical energy
    (adrenal glands are dominant)
- willing to risk loss to achieve goals
- good at assigning tasks and directing others,
    saying "well done"

- a building - the contractor
- a play - the director
- a party - provide plenty of food
    and entertainment

Girl's Romantic Side:
- fresh and natural appearance
- love to anticipate special events
- provide abundance for family & guests
- you're loyal to friends and family
- enjoy doing favors
- focused on current project
- you find it hard to love but are
    very committed
- emotions are deep; seldom
    expressed verbally
- you show love by doing things for others

- speak anger directly
- unforgiving but move on

- often ignore unecessary rules to get
    things done

- see right/wrong as in procedures

- you're oriented toward things and results
    (not people or process)

- need work to renew self, then can
    tolerate leisure

Down Side:
- easily irritated when interrupted
- arrogant, bossy
- downtime and vacations hard for you
    (relating to people away from work)
- emotional matters hard to deal with (hurt
    feelings, expectations, grief)
- may become a workaholic

For balance, Naturals need to develop:
- tact and patience
- sensitivity to others' feelings
- listening skills
- respect for necessary rules

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