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Romantic Type Girls
delicately rounded good-looks

Life's Work:
- to make and mend relationships
at home, with friends, at work
- your heart knows how
- your window on life: feelings

- intuitive, slow left/fast right
- you know how others feel without being told
- and see how people relate to each other

Your Gifts/Talents:
- sustained emotional energy
    (gonads are dominant glands)
- deep feelings are easily shared
- good at encouraging people
- an achiever, creative, artistic

- a building - interior decorator
- a play - sets, costumes, makeup
- a party - make people feel welcome
    and appreciated

Strongest Romantic traits:
- your feminine mannerisms
- admire masculinity, don't compete
- delighted when others do well

- you're a good friend, caring listener
- you have to talk (left brain)
    to know what you're feeling (right brain)
- express love by sharing feelings
- you love deeply, remain committed

- perfectionist - you see potential of self
    and others
- you obey rules - need a safe world to do
    your work

- see right/wrong as in ethics, morals

- you're oriented toward people and process
    (not things or results)

-you need people to renew self, then can
    tolerate solitude

- often neglect your own needs
- misunderstand others' motives
- disappointed when others don't know
    how to nurture you
- practical matters hard to deal with
    (finances, schedules, maintenance)

For balance, a Romantic needs to:
- accept human failings
- ignore unnecessary rules sometimes
- make time for her own creative activities

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